Annual Print Competition
04th June 2017
The Annual Print Competition results was held recently at Heathhall Bowling Club and was judged by College Lecturer Alan Bennington who was critical but fair in his marking and explained his remarks and scoring of each image. The winner in the end was William Niven with a shot taken on our evening out Steelwool Spinning , Well done William.
Final League Placings
26th April 2017
Stephannie Farmer 365pts
Brian Murphy 361pts
William Niven (b) 319pts
Willie Hiddleston 317pts
Colin Thomson 312pts
Angus Stuart 304pts
Alan McNeish 289pts
Keith Walker 207pts
Eunice Laidlaw 201pts
Suzanne Hunter 91pts
Ian Shorrock 60pts
Duncan Souter 68 pts
My Passion by Suzanne Hunter
02nd February 2017
In case you're wondering why I'm standing here with all this gear

Photography is my passion, I've loved it for many a year.

At the ripe old age of 49, I enrolled and started college

To get more out of my Nikon and to increase my f-stop knowledge.

Who knew there was so much to it - it's not just point and click,

There are f-stops, ISOs and apertures - now things that make me tick.

I'm halfway through my HNC and it's one helluva learning curve,

But I'm glad I've taken this chance, to improve the thing that I love.

So I'm focusing on the positives - taking time to stop and see

And if I get a crap negative, I'll try 'til I get the look for me.

We've just started our Graded Unit - at least 10 photos on a theme,

I'm doing my best and to pass my HNC would be a dream.

Because life is like a camera - here's what you should do -

Focus on what's important, capture the times that are good for you.

Develop from the negatives, put faith in what you've got

And if things simply don't work out ......... take another shot.
07th April 2016
Next seasons Monthly Competitions will ALL be OPEN so no themes as before, the same rules will apply up to five images each
author and must be JPEG images set at 300 dpi. Any images not correctly set will not be entered into the competition.

Members can enter up to 5 images for each at 300dpi jpeg .