15th February 2018
It has been decided by the committe that the Annual Exhibition from now on will be framed, this will bring us into line the Scottish Photographic (SPF) as well as with other clubs, it will also make the exhibition (a) look more professional (b) stop the problem with prints falling off the walls.The Exhibition is not until May so you have ample time to purchase frames. We recommend 20x16 frames as we tend to favour 16x12 prints for the exhibition. The club are willing to send off for the prints and mounts as a job lot but monies will be needed up front. Remember that you can enter up to ten iamages in the Annual Exhibition which will again be in the Bakers Oven on High Street FROM 20 TH -27TH May .Another good thing about using frames means you will have them for future years to come and will just need to swap images over in future.